Baghouses ~ Dust Collectors

Nederman Baghouses

DCT offers baghouses for a wide variety of industrial applications; they vary from the mining and mineral industries for the collection of potentially dangerous and explosive dust to the wood waste industry to pick up dust waste from sanding and wood processing equipment. There are many styles and sizes to fit every need from the small units designed to handle one or two small processes up to very large collectors designed to accommodate a large scale facility with large number of pick up points. Each baghouse/dust collector is specifically designed to fit your particular specifications and individual needs.

In addition to the baghouses/dust collectors DCT is a distributer for In-Line Wet Scrubbers, as a lower cost solution to airborne dust collection, as well as a full line of Industrial Ducting for connecting the Baghouses and Wet Scrubbers to each of the pick up points for the entire dust collection system. And if baghouses or Wet Scrubbers are not what you are looking for we also carry a full line of Industrial Vacuum Systems capable of picking up a wide variety of media from dust/powder through 8” material. Please see our sections on NordFab Industrial Ducting, In-Line Wet Scrubbers and also our section on Industrial Vacuum Systems more information and applications on these products and how they can provide a solution for you.


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