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As a supplier to the mining and bulk materials handling industries DCT understands and realizes that replacing aging/ or worn conveyor belts, chutes, ducts or other material handling equipment is not always an option. Whether it is a matter of the loss of production time or the higher replacement costs associated with completely replacing a given piece of process equipment, sometimes it makes more sense to repair the belt or equipment rather than replace it and start over. To that end we believe that we have available some of the very best coating and wear product repair kits available in the world to offer to you.

We have done extensive research and testing and have recently added Fourthane Products as our main supplier of polymer style repair products. They offer a full line of repair products that can fix holes or cuts in conveyor belts, Discharge chutes, ball & Sag mills, ducting, or even holes in industrial haul truck tires, their products are designed with two things in mind, get the equipment up and running as fast as possible with minimal down time and to make the product very durable for a long service life. Some of their products, like their Red Line for belt repair, cure in 1 hour and can be applied without removing the conveyor belt from the conveyor platform to perform the repair, you are back up and running the conveyor in 1 hour after the repair is completed.

In addition to Fourthane’s synthetic polymer repair coatings for use in the field, DCT also offers the off-site services of Extreme Industrial Spray Coatings LLC for a life extending solution for all of your hard to fix, high wear metal parts. EISC offer Tungsten Carbide spray coating as only one of their many types of spray on coatings, which has proven to greatly extend the life of wet scrubber fan and water pump impellors as well as haul truck axles and hubs, slurry water impellers and the like. They also offer their “Vulcan Grip” for extending the life and reducing slippage on v-belt pulleys, which reduces slippage and translates into higher efficiency and lower power consumption. All of their spray on coatings are done after, highly precise machining so that your parts retain their original design specs, and rotating pieces are balanced, often times, to better than factory specifications. They are not big on PR so there is not a lot we can show you from them, but be assured if you have a hard to fix wear item they are the people that can fix it.

And if you are looking for high wear UHMW sheeting or skirting rubber with an extremely low coefficient of friction, urethane screen decks. etc than Tandem and CeramTec products are top of the line products and are available in multiple mounting styles to fit whatever application you are looking do.

Please look through the rest of this section to view the coatings by Fourthane and Extreme industrial spray coatings, as well as Tandem’s and CeramTec’s wear products and conveyor skirting.

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