NordFab Ducting

NordFab Ducting

DCT is an authorized distributor for NordFab Ducting and all of their products. We are 100% convinced their “Quick-Fit” line of ducting is the best and easiest to install ducting on the market today. Backed by Nordfab’s fast and reliable service and manufacturing teams, we can provide our customers the ducting parts they need in a very short span of time. Manufactured here in the United States, most of the common pieces and sizes are in stock at their facility and ship within a day or two of the confirmed order. Most large/custom orders ship in a week or two, depending on the number of custom parts ordered. With the use of reliable shipping and trucking services along with superior tracking services, it is not a question of if your order will arrive, but how quickly it will arrive.

Quick-Fit Line

NordFab has a full service engineering department to assist in the design of virtually any duct system. They manufacture their “Quick-Fit” line of ducting. It utilizes a gasket along with a locking style of clamp to secure the connections between each piece of ducting.  Also the full array of fittings and control pieces up through 24 inches that are offered in this line. They also offer a full line of flanged ducting, in addition to their other ducting. Ducting comes in a variety of gauges and either in Stainless Steel or Galvanized.

What Applications is NordFab Suited For?

NordFab ducting is well suited for many applications in the industrial/process ventilation and material handling industries, including but not limited to:

  • dust removal
  • air moving
  • baghouses
  • fume extraction
  • wood waste transfer
  • endless other process applications

Why the Quick Fit Line?

With the “Quick-Fit style of ducting, the use of clamps allows for the easy removal of each piece of ducting from the adjacent pieces. This allows for ease of unplugging plugged ducts or quick changes/additions to the ducting system as they become necessary. Major tear-downs to replace a worn out elbow or fitting are a thing of the past. With the NordFab “Quick-Fit” ducting, these changes can be done in minutes with no major loss in time and productivity.

For added protection DCT also offers industrial wear coatings to coat the wear radius of elbows and fittings for aggressive “high wear” applications that can quickly wear out ducting. Please see our Industrial Coatings section for our full line of coatings and repair products for anything from ducting, conveyor belt repair, industrial tire repair to general wear liner and hole repair, distributed by DCT and manufactured by Fourthane.


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