Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial Vacuum SystemsDCT has worked with our Industrial Vacuum Systems manufacturer/supplier DuroVac for 15 years as a distributor for their Industrial Vacuums line. In our opinion DuroVac manufacturer the very best vacuum systems on the market today and their sales and support teams are top notch, we are very proud to offer them in our product line to our customers.

Types of Industrial Vacuum Systems

DuroVac has a very wide variety of styles and sizes to fit any job. From the small “barrel” type vacuum for small cleanups, to the very large whole facility scale vacuum systems that use centrally plumbed lines with a large amount of convenient “pickup” or connection points. Thus multiple users can be operating off of the same system simultaneously.

The vacuum systems are the absolute best that we have ever worked with in the industry and have sold them worldwide, for a great number of applications. Each system can be custom tailored to fit each end users specific need. Whether you need to clean up a small local area, need constant maintenance points throughout your entire facility or something in-between, there are Industrial Vacuum Systems that will fit your needs.

Portable Industrial Vacuum Systems

Many of their vacuum systems come as portable units so that instead of buying a large vacuum system to cover a large geographic area you can use one of these portable units, which are meant to be moved around with a forklift and simply move it where it is needed and go right to work, or stationary systems with removable dump bins that can simply be removed and emptied/replaced as they become full, so you can get back to work quickly.


They have a full line of vacuum systems that are capable of picking up any materials, from dust/powder up through 8”, wet or dry, solid or slurry, explosive or not.

The team at DuroVac has proven to us at DCT, as well as our customers, that they can provide accurate, timely estimates and that they stand behind their products from the initial contact all the way through manufacturing, installation and service.

DCT is also a distributor of high quality baghouses/dust collectors for a permanent solution to fine dust removal; please look at our section on these for more information on how they can work for you.

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