Custom Designed Covers and Enclosures

Dust Control Technologies

In addition to designing and building quality fugitive dust suppression systems, DCT also offers the design and manufacture of custom built conveyor covers and enclosures to compliment these systems. By maintaining control over the manufacturing of these parts we can ensure that you are getting the best fit for your given application.

For proper dust control you need good covers, enclosures and dust seals to contain the dust so that you can either suppress it or capture it. Once the dust escapes it’s airborne (fugitive) and no longer in your control. You must control it to capture it.

Why Custom Built Covers and Enclosures

By purchasing custom products that are built to your exact specifications and dimensions, custom built enclosures save time and money when it comes  to installation. Instead of hours of refitting an off the shelf item you can rely on our equipment fitting exactly as designed and built. We build everything from light gauge protective enclosures to control the flow of air to assist in the use of dry fog systems, bag houses and scrubbers to heavy, impact rated protective boxes that are designed to take the daily abuse of haul trucks for dust suppression in dump pockets, and we can design anything in between to fit your specific needs.

Please see our photos to view just a few of the different applications we have provided solutions to, also see our section on Fog Based Dust Suppression to see how these enclosures and Fog Based Suppression can work together to provide you with a reliable Fugitive Dust solution.

Custom Designed Covers & Enclosures Gallery