Jet Foggers

Jet Foggers

DCT is the exclusive distributor for the CDC line of Jet Foggers in North America and has come to respect their dedication to quality and thoughtful design of their equipment. Their fan driven dust prevention system is one of the very best in the industry for reliability and long years of service.

These Foggers can be either mounted on a skid, for more permanent settings, or mounted to a trailer for easy moving from site to site. They are equipped with a rotating motor for automatic cycling horizontally, as well as able to be adjusted vertically for optimal spray trajectory for the application which it is being used.

What are Jet Foggers use for?

The Jet Foggers two primary uses are for fugitive dust control of large open areas where other types of dust suppression are ineffective. Examples are large stockpiles, demolition sites and mobile crushing and processing facilities as well as open loading/unloading areas. The other main use is for the evaporation of large volumes of industrial or process water. Examples are tailing ponds or other process water that may not be deemed reusable in the process stream of the facility but can be evaporated. This is a very cost effective way of evaporating water that would be very expensive to dispose of by other means.

These Jet Foggers work very well in both applications as standalone units, however when used in conjunction with an Industrial Wind Fence and with the subsequent reduction in wind, they are even more effective, at a larger range with better coverage for the use of fugitive dust control.

Please see our section on Industrial Wind Fencing for more information on how these products can work together and provide a solution for you.

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