Dry Fog Dust Suppression Systems

Dry Fog Dust Suppression Systems

Dry Fog Dust Suppression Systems have been around for a number of years and available from a number of suppliers worldwide. Even though many of these companies would claim the innovation of this technology which they sell, as their own, the technology has existed longer than many of these companies have been around. Even though DCT does not claim to have invented the process of Fog Based Dust Suppression, we do claim to have one of the most, well built, cleanest and easiest to operate and maintain fog systems in the industry today. We stand behind everything we sell 100%.

Better Fugitive Dust Control Systems

From the beginning, DCT’s main focus has been to take past and present user recommendations and turn them into better fugitive dust suppression solutions, better efficiency, easier maintenance and lower cost.

Why Dry Fog Dust Suppression Systems

  • Agglomerative fog style dust suppression systems have been independently tested and rated at 98.28% efficient in the control of fugitive dust generated at transfer points. It is as efficient as Bag Houses, where fog was applied as designed
  • Ease of maintenance has been accomplished with simplicity of design. It uses modular and expandable controls of a higher-grade and highly wear resistant material for the fog nozzles. We only use the very best stainless steel and brass parts in our systems. Our commitment to the quality of parts and manufacturing is how we make sure you get the most life you can out of your investment with minimal down time.
  • Understanding that in these economically challenged times budgetary constraints are necessary, lower costs are realized through the use of modular systems and the fact that all equipment does not need to be purchased “up front” in order to be effective and can be tied into and expanded upon as your budget or need allows.


Dry Fog Systems and Clean Air Permits

DCT understands that many of our valued customers have clean air permits that are contingent on these Fog Based Systems. We are confident in the efficiency of our systems and in the knowledge that we can meet the demands of the new and existing fugitive emission control standards as set by the EPA and local government agencies.

DCT’s Dry Fog Based dust suppression systems work very well as a standalone system when used as designed. For some applications Dry Fog Systems work even better when they are combined with our wind fence systems for controlling fugitive dust in open environments like Dump Hoppers, Stockpiles and Loading/Unloading areas. Please see our Industrial Wind Fence section on more information on how our Wind Fence Systems, with or without the addition of fog, can help with reducing your fugitive dust problems.

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