InLine Wet Scrubbers

inline wet scrubbers

DCT has been selling, installing and providing maintenance for the CDC InLine Wet Scrubbers in coal mines and coal fired generation plants for the removal of fugitive coal dust from their process systems, with great success for over 10 years and we believe they are the very best, lower cost dust control alternative for baghouse style collection systems. Since InLine Wet Scrubbers use water to consolidate the airborne waste stream, they present a much lower probability of danger of explosion when used to control fugitive coal dust.

Lower Cost Alternative for Cleaning the Air

This type of wet air scrubber system uses a high speed water cooled motor to pull dust laden air across the specially engineered fan. Dirty air is sprayed with water just ahead of the fan causing the dust and solids to become wet and increased in weight thus causing the solids to agglomerate and fall down into a slurry. The air is then forced through a filter screen and then a dewatering vain and dry, clean air is then discharged into the atmosphere.

The consolidated water and air born coal dust that becomes the slurry is no longer airborne and can no longer pose a threat of explosion and the slurry can be reintroduced back into the material stream for recovery if desired. With these wet scrubbers having been installed in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin for an extended length of time, we at DCT and our customers have been very pleased with the efficiency, reliability and long service life of these machines and we believe that these machines are a viable, lower cost alternative to very expensive baghouse systems for many applications.

If you are more in the market for Baghouse style dust collection system, then DCT also carries a full line of very reliable Baghouses and Dust Collectors as well, please see our section on Baghouses  and or Industrial Vacuums for more information on how these products can work to provide a solution for your fugitive dust issues.


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