If you are in need of  repair coatings to extend the life of your equipment, instead of performing costly replacement, then Fourthane’s multiple lines of synthetic polymer products are what you need!

We recently added all of their products to our offerings for our customers. Due to its easy application and quick drying time, everyone that we have supplied these products to have given us very positive reviews. They love the high durability and greatly reduced down time compared to other brands on the market.

Repair or Coat Virtually Anything

Fourthane has been around since the mid 90’s.  Their products have been battle tested in some of the toughest conditions that the industry could throw at them. With their product lines you can repair or coat virtually anything from conveyor belts, sag/ball mills, haul truck tires, and practically any high wear point that you can think of. Please see our Industrial coatings and wear products page for more information on these amazing products.